On this page I write  true happend stories  about my sexual experiances.

Cuckold bull ๐Ÿฆฌ

I placed an advertisement on a swingers website for couples who were looking for a bull ๐Ÿฆฌ

To my great surprise I received many responses and invitations.

probably because of my profile picture.

My profile avatar on the swingers dating site

I I had a lot of appointments.

I suddenly had a busy agenda visiting couples. 

It was the greatest time of my life.

Photo model

my first date was with a young couple. the husband had a desire to make a video of a strange man fucking his wife and filling her with cum.

After some insistence, the woman was willing to comply with his wish if she found me attractive enough.

we had agreed to meet in a sauna for the first meeting to see if there was a connection between his wife and me.

The husband had told me that his wife was modeling for a clothing brand.

When I saw her in the sauna I almost fainted. omg what a beauty. tall slim blonde pretty face and beautiful breasts

it was a good idea to meet in a sauna. the woman quickly felt at ease with me.

After a few hours of sauna we went to my house to make the desired video.

I was very nervous and it took a while to get hard. but in the end I was able to fuck her well and fill her up. the husband moaned in pleasure while filming

We had a drink afterwards and then they went home satisfied.

the next day the husband called me to say that we have to do it again because the memory card of his video camera turned out to be defective.

Of course I didn't mind that and a new appointment was quickly made.

This time I wasn't nervous and was able to fuck her extra hard and long.

this time the video recording was recorded properly.

the husband was so grateful that I had fulfilled his wish and that I handled their situation in such a civil manner.

it was a beautiful first experience.

Sex on a saling yacht

my second couple had a sailing school for offshore sailing.

they wanted to experiment with an extra man. they invited me for a sailing trip on the IJsselmeer.

he was bisexual and wanted to give a man a blow job.

we went sailing for a while and then we anchored in a bay

we undressed in the cabin and started having sex. the man was impressed by my thick cock. and he gave me a blow job.

I could barely keep my cum down. then I was allowed to eat and fuck his wife.

I eat a lot of pussy in my life . This woman's pussy tasted so good .never had a better tasting pussy ever after 

 I was using kamagra ๐Ÿ’Š that makes me able to fuck her for hours.   

The man wanted me to cum inside her pussy so he can clean it with his mouth.

After we was exhausted of sex we sailed back to te harbour .

We went out to eat in a restaurant before i left.๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿท 

It was for the couple the first time to invite a man for sex. They was vey satisfied with my gentle approach .  We repeat our secret sailing trips a several times that year.



couple from India

I got a request from an india couple to meet. They lived in holland for a few year because of his job. 

He was 62  very dark and handsome.

She was my age ( at that time) 48 .

She was not really  pritty , but extreem horny. 

They had no experiance dating with men. They fantasizes about treesomes for years .

now they lived far away from their family they want to realise their dream.

We made an appointment by mac donalds to see if there is a click. 

They both agree I was a good match. 

So we made an appointment to have sex at my home. 

When they came to my home the first time , they were a kind of nervous.

I did my best to let them feel  at ease. 

After some drinks it was time to practise.    OMG  this couple was so  hungry for sex .

we did all the things you can normally only see in porn movies.

blowjob, cum swallowing, fucking, anal, she wanted it all.

he was secretly bisexual. I had to suck him and swallow his cum.  No problem for me , his cock was very black , and I love black cock.



they were so satisfied with the first date that another appointment was quickly made.

I had regular appointments with this couple for two years.

The husband also came to deliver her to my house to give her a good fuck .

Unfortunately after those 2 years his work contract in the Netherlands expired and he returned to India.

I often think about this couple. I have never experienced so much uninhibited sex as with this couple.

Mature couple

I got a request from a mature couple to have sex with them at their home. 

She was 66 years old and he 62. 

They were experianced swingers , but they was not active in the swingers scene over 10 years. 

When they saw my advertisement , they got in the mood again for a treesome. 

So I went there on a sunday afternoon. 

She was a really beautiful cougar .   He was also a good looking man . 

After some coffee and chitchat  we undressed in the livingroom. 

They had a massage tabel set up , so i had to start to give her a massage.    

The maasage table was set on a perfect hight for fucking her.

So soon the massage went into licking her pussy and fucking her.

Her husband was not very large shaped .

she had some difficulties to get my cock inside.

It took 10 minutes of tender pushing bit by bit before it went all the way inside.

she screamed in pleasure when I was finally able to give full force. 

Her husband  was making a video me fucking his wife on the massage table.

He also want me to fuck him .

So far i never fucked a man in my life.

But i was willing to give it a try. 

To my surprise I was able to enter him very easily .

his wife was fingering herself while watching her husband get fucked by me. 

it was a special experience for me.

after a few hours we were all tired and satisfied.

We made regular appointments after that.

cheating couple

I received a request from a man and a woman my age.  ( 48 at that time)

They were both married to someone else.

They meet regularly for kinky sex .

He was bisexual and she thought it was hot to see 2 men having sex.

We made an appointment to have sex in my house when she got off the night shift at the hospital where she worked.

I'm allways horny early in the morning, so that worked out well.

After coffee and some talk they were ready for action.

the woman wanted us men to do it together first.

we had no problem with that. the man was impressed by my thick cock

We gave each other blowjobs, the woman enjoyed our game.

The woman's great desire to be fucked by 2 men at the same time. she had never done that before.

So we made that come true for her.

he fucked her in her ass  and I fucked her pussy.

it was a very successful sex date.

They came to my house about 6 more times for hot sex.

Unfortunately her husband found out that his wife was cheating on him.

So no more agreements were made.๐Ÿ˜’